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MANIA is a play on Ira Glass' pep-talk video for emerging artists.

The first iteration of MANIA was created for The Garage Collective, set on 14 dancers from the Toronto community.

A second, 6-minute excerpted version was performed at the Ray D-Ance Gala in Toronto, curated by Samantha Raymond.

The final version of MANIA, a 12-minute trio, was presented at the Women in Dance Leadership Conference at the Manship Theatre (Shaw Center for the Arts) in Louisiana, October 2015.


Choreography by Alyssa Martin 

Performers: Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, Josh Doig, Samantha Grist

Costume Design by Alyssa Martin 

Music & Text by Simon & Garfunkel, Lucky Dragons, Alexandre Desplat, Ira Glass, Wayne Newton 

Previous Performers: Sierra Chin-Sawdy, Caryn Chappel, Marlowe Porter, Tara Pillon, Corrado Cerruto, Kim Chin, Amanda Pye, Cassandra Wiesner, Steven Smith, Katrina Grogan-Kalnuk, Jessica Ford, Justine Comfort 

©2016 Alyssa Martin

©2016 Alyssa Martin


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