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string quartet no 14 in g major 

A part-fiction, part-fact, part-dance, part-play, part-reality show and part-Broadway musical creation myth about Rock Bottom's next step forward after losing a deeply cherished company member to the lure of musical theatre chorus work.

string quartet no. 14 in g major

Created by David Bernstein & Alyssa Martin 

Written by David Bernstein 

Choreography by Alyssa Martin 

Performers: Drew Berry, Sebastian Biasucci, Dylan Evans, Samantha Grist and Natasha Poon Woo

Lighting Design by Noah Feaver 

Stage Management by Hannah MacMillan

Music: ABBA, Shaggy, Prince, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Fiona Apple/Cy Coleman, Carlo Gesualdo & Daarler Vocal Consort, Marvin Hamlisch 


  • Dora Mavor Moore Award Nominee: Outstanding Original Choreography

Password available upon request. Please email for access. 

Photos by Francesca Chudnoff 

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