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DinoLand is a collective wonder-world made from ferocious play, a dramatic claw to the heart and a tickle in the brain. Together, we embrace the inevitability of the end and the mischievous possibilities of the unknown. 


During their time as company in residence, Rock Bottom created this full-length dance film with 53 third and fourth year students as well as numerous production students at Toronto Metropolitan University's Creative School in Fall 2021.

See the full film below.

DinoLand: a moment to break

Choreography, Concept & Direction: Alyssa Martin

Director of Photography, Camera Operator & Editor: Drew Berry

Co-Creators, Choreographic Collaborators & Rehearsal Directors: Natasha Poon Woo, Sam Grist, Drew Berry, Brayden Cairns Created and choreographed in collaboration with the dancers.


Original Music by Jake Vanderham aka Telehorn

Lighting Designer: Noah Feaver

Written by: Alyssa Martin in collaboration with David Bernstein, Pony Nicole Herauf and the performers

Dramaturg: David Bernstein

Cinematic Liaison: Pony Nicole Herauf

Residencies + Support:

• Toronto Metropolitan University - Performance Dance Program at the Creative School 

• Support to continue developing this work into a live work for Rock Bottom from Toronto Arts Council, Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal, Festival des Arts Saint-Sauveur and The National Ballet of Canada 


Premiered at online on December 10th, 2021 

Maddie DinoLand Still by Drew Berry.jpg
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