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RBM Pink Anniversary Toque  


You can pre-order one of our custom toques by making a $20 donation to Rock Bottom, using the paypal app below. Once we've received your donation we will be in touch via email to arrange shipping or drop off! 

Questions or concerns? Contact

RBM Black




If you prefer the classique look you can pre-order the "2015 edition" black toques. Make a $20 donation below and we will be in touch to organize drop off or shipping! 


Questions or concerns? Contact


The link will prompt you to enter your name. Please write which colour and quantity you'd like right in your name entry! 

i.e. Zach Braff, Pink, 5


David Schwimmer, Black 3, Pink 2


Please don't write Zach Braff's name unless you're actually him, we'll get way too excited. 


If you'd like to make a larger donation to our project and would like a charitable tax receipt please contact us directly.  

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