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The home of Alyssa Martin's surreal + unbridled feminist dance theatre works explored with a cosmic team of close collaborators.

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A Mesozoic spectacle made from ferocious play with a dramatic claw to the heart and a tickle in the brain. Using the thick, scaly exterior of its  inspirations as a guise, DINO boldly dances toward an all-too-familiar end. Anxiety, asteroids, ruin, regrowth, love, longevity and pigeons. 


Choreography & Direction: Alyssa Martin 

Performance & Collaboration: Drew Berry, Brayden Jamil Cairns, Sam Grist and Natasha Poon Woo 

Original Score: Jacob Vanderham (AKA Telehorn) 

Dramaturgy: David Bernstein & Pony Nicole Herauf

The initial creation process took place during time as the company-in-residence at Toronto Metropolitan University's Performance Dance Program within The Creative School. 53 student collaborators worked with us to develop a feature-length dance film called DinoLand. 


This new iteration of the work is supported by Toronto Arts Council with special thanks to Citadel & Compagnie. 

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some recent film work!


A feature length film adaptation of a work commissioned by Toronto Dance Theatre


Official selection for the 2021 Portland Film Festival's cross-platform/experimental category and Sydney Women's International Film Festival.

Choreographed + Directed by Alyssa Martin and filmed by Cinematographer Dakota Wotton

Starring (+ created in collaboration with) Alana Elmer, Yuichiro Inoue, Peter Kelly, Megumi Kokuba, Pulga Muchochoma, Erin Poole, Devon Snell, Roberto Soria + pianist Morgan-Paige Melbourne

View full production credits here

This work premiered in November 2020

love from farm to summerworks 

A short video work commissioned by SummerWorks Performance Festival for the end of summer mix. 

Directed + Edited by Alyssa Martin

Filmed by Drew Berry + Sydney Nicole Herauf

Created by Drew Berry, Brayden Cairns, Sam Grist, Pony Nicole Herauf, Alyssa Martin and Natasha Poon Woo with music by Austin Anonsen and Alyssa Martin

sixty seven moo(n)s 

A short video work commissioned by Canadian Stage for the National Arts Centre's Transformation Project 

Directed + Edited by Alyssa Martin

Created by Brayden Cairns and Alyssa Martin 

Music by Austin Anonsen 

HEADER VIDEO by Francesca Chudnoff 


Drew Berry, Brayden Cairns, Sam Grist, Pony Nicole Herauf and Natasha Poon Woo in hollow mountain (2019) 

Choreography + Direction by Alyssa Martin

Original Music by Pony Nicole Herauf 

Lighting Design by Noah Feaver

Set Design by Katie Mooney