“MANIA" is a play on Ira Glass's pep-talk video for emerging artists. It was created in three stages. The first, an 18 minute piece created for The Garage Collective set on 14 dancers from the Toronto community. The second, a 6 minute version for the Ray D-Ance Gala curated by Samantha Raymond set on a smaller group. The final version of "MANIA" was a 12 minute work set on 3 dancers. It toured to Louisiana and was presented at the Women in Dance Leadership Conference at the Manship Theatre (Shaw Center for the Arts) in October 2015. 

Choreography Alyssa Martin 

Performers: Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, Josh Doig, Samantha Grist

Costume Design Alyssa Martin 

Music & Text by Simon & Garfunkel, Lucky Dragons, Alexandre Desplat, Ira Glass, Wayne Newton 

Previous Performers: Sierra Chin-Sawdy, Caryn Chappel, Marlowe Porter, Tara Pillon, Corrado Cerruto, Kim Chin, Amanda Pye, Cassandra Wiesner, Steven Smith, Katrina Grogan-Kalnuk, Jessica Ford, Justine Comfort 

©2016 Alyssa Martin

©2016 Alyssa Martin