"CRUSHED" is a 20 minute dance work created on the third and fourth year students in the Dance Program at Ryerson University's Theatre School. Danced by 18 punk-dance-rock-rebels the only tethering rule throughout the creation of this piece was the necessity that it all somehow tie back to the word "CRUSH." Chaos was the goal. With characterizations inspired by the performing persona of David Byrne, "CRUSHED" is set (almost) entirely to music from the Talking Heads or members of the band. 

Choreography: Alyssa Martin 

Performers: Drew Berry, Eva Connelly-Miller, Marina DiPelino, Pj Kazarinov Elisha, Lindsay Fell, Zoe Kenneally, Claudia Marjanovic, Adrienne Metivier, Mary Paterson, Mary Patsiatzis, Carley Stastny, Dezjuan Thomas, Morgan Timberg, JC Vaughan, Preston Wilder, Shaylin Williams, Hayley Wilton, Karly Zizek

Show Coaching: David Bernstein 

Music & Text Talking Heads, David Byrne, The Tom Tom Club, Le Tigre, Antonio Vivaldi, Wikipedia  

Presented as part of the Ryerson Choreographic Lab 

©2016 Alyssa Martin