Dolphin protect me.


Dolphin Guide me. 


I don't need to be saved. 


I need to be found. 


Commissioned by Dance Ontario as the 2017 Dance Ontario Dance Weekend Creative Partnership Commission. Later shown at SummerWorks Performance Festival 2017. 

Choreography Alyssa Martin 

Dramaturgy David Bernstein 

Performers Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen, Josh Doig (January 2017), Samantha Grist, Sully Malaeb Proulx (August 2017) Natasha Poon Woo with Sebastian Biasucci  

Costume Design Kelsey Wilson 

Lighting Design Arun Srinivasan (January 2017), Noah Feaver (August 2017)  

Stage Management Janelle Rainville (January 2017), Inga Bekbudova & Mariah Ventura (August 2017) 

Music: Sébastien Tellier,  The Flaming Lips, College, George Gershwin

Text: Gossip Girl TV Series, David Bernstein & Alyssa Martin

AWARDS: Honourable Mention - Canadian Stage Award for Direction & Honourable Mention - SummerWorks Prize for Best Production, NOW Magazine Selection - Best Production & Best Ensemble 

Video from SummerWorks Performance Festival. Filmed August 2017 by Francesca Chudnoff. 


Photos by E.S. Cheah